Invitation to Fund Me

I have the privilege of being accepted to the International Conducting Workshop & Festival that takes place in Sofia, Bulgaria this coming August of 2019. The workshop allows conductors to have time with full orchestra, the New Symphony Orchestra of Sofia, along with instruction from two of the most sought after pedagogues, Donald Schleicher (University of Illinois) and Larry Rachleff (Rice University). Their dedication to their students and charismatic/complementary teaching styles along with a superb orchestra would allow me to improve my conducting technique as well as capture video footage that is necessary for submitting and applying to job applications. The tuition for this experience is $3,750, of which I have already paid $1300. Sometimes one has to acknowledge that they need a little help, even while holding down a full time day job, so I am starting a “Invitation to Fund Me”, the idea of a Go Fund Me, just without the fees associated with using such a platform. The other significant cost to attend ICWF is a plane ticket to Sofia, which will cost about $1,000. The cost of staying in Sofia will generously be defrayed by a former coworker who has an apartment there.

So my total crowd funding goal is:

$2,450 towards ICWF tuition (can make a tax-deductible donation)

$1,000 towards airfare to Sofia

Checks can be sent to me at: Alicia Lieu, 40-18 Hampton St., Apt 1K, Elmhurst, NY 11373 (I also use Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, and AppleCash)

Besides my heartfelt gratitude, let me know if you would also like to receive a short video clip of what I accomplish in Bulgaria this August. If you have any questions, you can email me at aliciajosephine [at] gmail [dot] com.

Should you like to make a tax-deductible donation towards my tuition for ICWF, here are the instructions:

The Joel Fan Foundation

The International Conducting Workshop and Festival has a fiscal sponsorship relationship with the Joel Fan Foundation. This means that the ICWF can accept grants, accept tax-deductible donations, and carry on other activities under the tax-exempt status of their sponsor. To help you raise money for yourself, the Joel Fan Foundation and the ICWF can each write letters on your behalf. In the last ten years the ICWF granted over $150,000 in tuition scholarships through the generous help of the Joel Fan Foundation.

Technically, you can act as a fundraising agent for the ICWF and raise money from your own network of support for your tuition scholarship. Anyone you know who would like to help you would then send their support to the Joel Fan Foundation ArtMatch and suggest that the money go to your scholarship. Then, the Foundation will grant the ICWF the money along with the suggestion to whom the money should be applied. The ICWF would then accept the suggestion of the Joel Fan Foundation and apply the money received to the conductor. In the past, the money was 100% granted according to the suggestions. The ICWF guarantees full credit for the amount raised through the Joel Fan Foundation, even if the specific money is not allocated directly to your scholarship. The Joel Fan Foundation has generously agreed not to charge any fees for the processing of this money – the usual fees for fiscal sponsorship relationships are 3-6%.

ArtMatch Process:

  1. Make all checks to the “Joel Fan Foundation ArtMatch”. Please do not indicate the name of the participant on the check.
  2. To facilitate the processing of the grants, the sponsor should say exactly the following in a cover letter:To The Joel Fan Foundation:
    I am making this donation to the Joel Fan Foundation ArtMatch in support of the International Conducting Workshop and Festival. I suggest that this money be applied to the tuition scholarship of [name of participant].

    [Name of Sponsor]
    [Address of Sponsor]
    [Email Address of Sponsor]
  3. Mail checks and letters to:The Joel Fan Foundation ArtMatch
    c/o International Conducting Workshop and Festival
    3955 E 59th St.
    Davenport, IA 52807
  4. The receipt of the check will be acknowledged by the Joel Fan Foundation and the application of the tuition scholarship will be acknowledged by the ICWF.

The Joel Fan Foundation is a registered 501(3)(c) non-profit corporation and qualifies for tax-deductible contributions.